5 Pack of Stainless Steel Corner Guards : 48 Inch - 16 Gauge

From $34.00 per corner guard; purchase the Ten-Pack or Twenty-Pack to save even more. The larger the Pack, the more you save. These stainless steel corner guards can be had for as low as $32.00 each in larger packs!

Fabricated from North American-sourced high-quality 304-grade stainless, our best selling metal corner guards are available in a variety of gauges (thickness) to suit almost any application.  The popular and attractive brushed finish complements any decor, from homes to offices, condominium and professional buildings, kitchens, warehouses and a multitude of other locations.  Designed to protect finished corners, you will no longer have to replace or repair cracked and chipped drywall, and attempt to match colors when repainting damaged areas.

Each of our stainless corner guards comes with a protective peel-off PVC coating on the exposed side, to protect the finish during installation.

Available with our popular WallGrip Edge, which helps account for variances in wall angles, and reduces any exposed edge of the corner guard, for a nicer appearance and an added safety factor.

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