Simply choose one of the three Corner Guard categories below to begin:

If you do not see the material, size or thickness you require, we'd be happy to prepare a custom order for you!  Please contact us directly with any custom order inquiries.

Stainless Steel Corner Guards and Metal Corner Protectors

Highly durable corner guards are excellent for protecting your walls from cracks and chips, especially in new homes, in high traffic areas, or on freshly painted walls. At Boss Steel, our corner guards are strong enough to protect your walls at home, in your office or condominium, warehouses and industrial locations. Depending on the material you choose, they are designed to resist corrosion so you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing your corner guards, or paying to repair damaged walls.

We ship our products anywhere in Canada and the United States. You can choose from a variety of products and materials for your corner guards, or you can customize your order. We offer:

  • Stainless Steel Corner Guards
  • Aluminum Checker Plate Corner Guards
  • Steel Metal Corner Guards
  • Commercial, Industrial and Heavy Duty Corner Guards

Depending on whether you need wall corner protection for your home or commercial business, we offer different sizes and metal thickness for optimal protection. We have over 20 years of experience and can offer you the right type of guard to protect for your walls from any damage. Contact us for more information, or to find the right wall guard for you.


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September 09, 2016

One of our most versatile products is our aluminum checker plate corner guard. While we think these guards are suited to many uses, we can't think of a better application for our aluminum checker plate corner guards than in machine and auto shops.