3 Reasons Facility Managers Need Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on January 10, 2020

It is not just for their aesthetic value; there are various reasons as to why a facility manager should consider corner guards.  Corner guards are a necessity in every premise as they ensure the durability of a building and can help prevent accidents from happening where there is heavy traffic.  They can also be a safety requirement according to some building codes.

Three reasons why facility managers should install corner guards:

Losses Due To Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are inevitable, and they can cause a lot of damage, which can be costly to repair. Facility managers should ensure that a premise is installed with high-quality safeguards to minimize damage to a building or cut on costs in case of massive impact.

Reduce General Maintenance Costs

Commercial premises require constant repair due to normal depreciation, but the installation of protective wall features can reduce these costs. In addition, due to the various activities by workers that go on in a premise, a certain amount of wear and tear is expected, the installation of corner guards can help minimize scratches and repairs to walls. Corner guards provide a barrier and can blend in well with your decor of choice; hence avoiding dents on your walls will keep your walls aesthetically appealing.

To Prevent Injuries

A facility manager needs to ensure that a premise is safeguarded by installing corner guards so as to avoid injuries, for instance, sharp corners. It is also a requirement that the work space is safe to prevent employees from getting injured.

There are various types of corner guards to choose from, depending on the facility. By installing quality safeguards, a facility manager will ensure that assets are protected and well maintained. In the long run, this will ensure that there is cost-effectiveness and efficiency in a premise. Do contact us for more information, and we will advise you on the best corner guard for your building.