July 21, 2017

Facility Managers: Cut Down on Stress with Corner Guards

By installing corner guards along your interior corners and edges, you'll be cutting down on routine maintenance and saving yourself a whole lot of hassle. View full article →
July 14, 2017

Stainless Steel Corner Guards for Summer Camp Facilities

By installing stainless steel corner guards along your interior doorways, halls, and edges, you can protect against incidental damage. No matter how many campers find their way through your front gates, your corners, at least, can stay protected.  View full article →
July 07, 2017

Drywall Protection for Busy Entrepreneurs

We probably don't need to tell you that drywall is delicate. It doesn't even require carelessness or negligence to cause incidental damage. All it takes is time. The average, everyday wear and tear that you will see as you conduct business pretty much guarantees that if your corners aren't protected, you'll eventually need to invest time and effort in yearly upkeep. View full article →
June 30, 2017

School Renovations This Summer? Consider Corner Guards

If you are planning facility renovations over the summer, the time is right to consider installing corner guards along your interior doorways and edges. Not only are these guards designed to keep your corners safe during the period of your renovations View full article →
June 23, 2017

Stainless Steel Corner Guards for a New Home? You Bet

By installing sets of our stainless steel corner guards, you'll no longer need to worry about scratches, scrapes, or gouges that are the natural result of maintaining a well-lived-in and well-loved home. View full article →
June 16, 2017

Facility Managers: Shrink Your Summer Hassles by Installing Corner Guards

If you anticipate a busy summer - or if you are already looking head to a hectic fall or wild winter - and you want to get ahead of the curve by installing corner guards, we applaud your foresight. View full article →
June 09, 2017

Industrial Corner Guards: Small Investment, Big Payoff

Prime candidates for industrial corner guards include factories, warehouses, power plants, breweries, stock yards, waste treatment centers. Anyone who works in such facilities knows the high potential for incidental damage. Installing industrial corner guards lowers those risks significantly. View full article →
June 02, 2017

Stainless Steel Corner Guards Offer Drywall Protection for Gyms

Whether you run a dojo where sparring, kicks, and punching bag hits can damage walls, or you specialize in managing an indoor sports arena that sees plenty of indoor soccer and hockey games, protecting the walls is a must. For fitness centers inside an apartment building or condominium setup, drywall protection is just as crucial. View full article →
May 26, 2017

From Rising to Setting Sun, a Facility Manager's Job Is Never Done

Once your guards are installed, they keep these vulnerable areas from suffering the daily damage inherent in a busy building. Not only that, but our guards are attractive in themselves: slick, shiny, and easy to keep clean. View full article →
May 19, 2017

Industrial Corner Guards: Small Investment Eliminates Big Risks

In order to keep your corners and edges free of incidental damage, consider installing industrial corner guards. These larger, thicker guards are built to handle tough conditions including machine shops, warehouses, shipping centers, and other manufacturing facilities.  View full article →
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