Mop Plates

Mop plates are designed to protect the bottom area of doors on the pull side to protect the door against scuffing, dents, from foot traffic and daily cleaning, and equipment.

 The correct fit for your Mop Plate should be 2” shorter than the width of your door, which gives one-inch allowance on each side. That was it clears your door trim and any weather stripping. If your door is 36” the correct size to order is a 34” long mop plate.

This item will arrive fully de-burred for smooth edges with a protective vinyl film that should be removed after installation.

Please note that kick plates on fire-rated doors may need to be tested, labeled, and installed properly to meet your local building codes, door warranties, and the like. We do not warrant or approve these plates for any specific usage.

Size Ranges: Heights 4", 6" to 8" & Length: 18” to 48”

Grain Direction: could run either way


May meet or exceed 10 26 33 and/or 08 71 00 specifications.

ANSI/BHMA A156.6 Architectural Door Trim: J103