3 Reasons Why You Need Corner Guards For Your Office Tower

by Boss Steel on September 20, 2019

Corner guards are great for your wall, protecting against chips, dents, scratches, and cracks.  It is crucial to respond to any occurrence regardless of its magnitude within the office tower. This helps in maintaining a smooth office operation irrespective of its size and avoids substantial future problems. Always ensure that your preventive maintenance plan is excellent.

As an office tower manager, installing corner guards is instrumental in keeping the building in shape. In most cases, towers accommodate a significant number of people due to their size. Therefore, it can be very tasking to control people's movement around the huge building.

Prevent injuries and Damages

Corner guards act as armor for your wall corners as they absorb impacts, brushings, scrapes, and incidental contacts. In various office towers, you will find people walking around with pets or children. Corner guards help in preventing injuries to the occupants and protect wall corners from heavy traffic.

Office tower corners do not go too well with wheelchairs or baby walkers. Therefore, as an office tower manager and you have people who use wheelchairs, installing wall corners guards will assist in protecting your wall corners.

Also, some corner guards such as stainless steel are a good fit for restaurants inside the tower. The guards are easy to clean and won't be damaged by acids or food fats.

Splendid Decor

Office towers are always beautiful and with an impressive look from outside. Equally, some corner guards once painted blends well with the building walls. Having them in an office tower adds a unique look to the offices décor.

Available in Different Variations

Corner guards are always available in different materials. You can choose from stainless steel or aluminum corner guards depending on your preference. They also come in various thicknesses and sizes hence making it possible for you to find the right corner guards for an office tower.


Corner guards are valuable options for a strong and durable office tower. With guards in place you don't have to worry about wear and tear around the building. Contact us for more info.