Barring few exceptions, our homes are the most profound financial investments many of us will make. Since we're sinking such a great deal of our capital into them, it only makes sense to further guard our homes by investing in their upkeep and general maintenance.

Since drywall is one of the more vulnerable aspects of homes, keeping it in good shape is paramount.

Some homes may need more protection than others, however.

3 Reasons Your Home May Need Drywall Protection

Reason One: Location

Just as property value is driven largely by location, drywall protection and preventative maintenance can be driven by location as well. When it comes to caring for drywall, tropical and subtropical climates can lead to mold due to high moisture levels, while hot and arid climates may lead to increased cracking.

Knowing the climate of your location and what effect the climate may have on your drywall will help you prepare.

Reason Two: Usage

A private home used by a single family will face different preventative measures than a house that hosts a bed and breakfast or one that is listed on a vacation rental site. If your structure falls under the latter category, your drywall protection needs are much higher due. Increased traffic patterns alone will dictate a need for response.

Reason Three: Peace of Mind

According to recent reports, the median home value in the United States is $218,000, with the median list price per square foot standing at $150. Given the level of value we place in our homes, both economically and emotionally, investing in drywall protection is worth it, not only for the added level of protection afforded but also for the peace of mind it brings.

That's where our corner guards really come in handy.

We Can Help

Here at Boss Corner Guards, we carry corner guards in various sizes, styles, and thicknesses. While our guards can't protect your drywall against all ills, they can keep your vulnerable interior corners safe from incidental damage. After a quick and simple installation, you can say goodbye to scrapes, scratches, gouges, and dents.

For more information on our premium products, or to chat about anything else, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.