3 Ways Industrial Corner Guards Vary From Regular Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on December 20, 2019

While both industrial corner guards and regular guards are excellent quality corner guards that perform how they are supposed to, they are made for very different purposes. Because of this, they vary a great deal. Here are three ways that industrial corner guards vary from regular corner guards. 

They Are Created For Industrial Locations 

One of the biggest ways industrial corner guards vary from regular corner guards is the different locations that they are created for. Heavy duty corner guards are created for industrial or commercial locations, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, outdoor garages, industrial yards, etc. In contrast, regular stainless steel or aluminum corner guards are created for homes, condominiums, offices, etc. 

They Are Made From Hot-Rolled Steel 

The heavy duty corner guards are made to withstand just about anything. This is possible because they are made out of hot-rolled steel. This steel comes in a thickness of either 1/4 inch or 5/16 inch. The combination of hot-rolled steel and the thickness of the corner guard itself provide amble protection for just about any commercial or industrial location. The regular corner guards are not made for industrial locations, but are more suited for residential locations so the steel or aluminum they are made out of isn't industrial grade. 

You Can Paint Them Any Color 

Industrial corner guards aren't given a finish color, unless you request a gray finish, thus allowing you to paint them any color that you'd like. This can help the corner guards to blend in well with your industrial or commercial location and keep things looking uniform and clean. This differs from the stainless steel and aluminum corner guards that come with brushed and checker plate finishes.

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