5 Places Where Your Rental Homes Need Stainless Steel Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on January 28, 2019

You've probably seen burnished corner guards in commercial buildings like offices and hotels. But they belong anywhere with the risk of damaged drywall corners. If you have residential rental properties, install them at these five places.

1. The edges of your bay windows.

Bay windows are the perfect spot for a lot of things. Maybe you'll install a window seat so tenants can enjoy the sunlight. Maybe you'll leave the space open so tenants can position tables and chairs near the window. Either way, these corners are vulnerable to a lot of damage.

2. The adjacent wall if the closet is in a depression.

Many homes are designed with the doorway slightly protruding forward with the closet on the adjacent wall. That means that every time someone swings the door wide open, it will knock against the corner. Protect it with a corner guard so all you have to do is touch up the closet door paint between tenants.

3. The corner of your kitchen walls.

It might seem like burnished stainless steel doesn't fit the style of your rental properties. But it definitely fits into any kitchen. Add the steel fixtures to mark a clear transition between the kitchen and the rest of the space, especially if the house has an open concept. Many kitchens also have tight spaces, so corner guards reduce damage in this high-traffic area.

4. The edges of your kitchen island or peninsula.

Kitchen islands and peninsulas are easy targets for corner damage. People might misjudge the space and swing something into the corners. People sitting there on stools will also swing their feet against the corners. Add corner guards so you don't' have to repair both the walls and the underlying cabinets.

5. Wherever you see corner damage twice.

If you see a damaged corner once, it might have just been an accident or a rough tenant. But if damage keeps appearing on the same corner, add guards. A preventative improvement is always cheaper than repairs in the long run.

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