Boss Steel Limited: Toronto and Beyond

by Boss Steel on April 06, 2018

In the 1995 Pixar hit Toy Story, the character Buzz Lightyear spoke the now-iconic line, "To infinity...and beyond!" Though these lines are a bit cheesy, they really do suit Buzz's character, and because he's so earnest and lovable, he really pulls the lines off. Now considered by many to be one of the best film quotes of all time, these words are forever cemented in the heads and hearts of a generation.

Here at Boss Steel, while we cannot promise to go quite that far for our clients (infinity is far, after all, even before you add "...and beyond!"), we do promise that we want to serve everyone--local or otherwise.

So whether you're near or far, we are here for you.


Here in Toronto and the greater Toronto area, we enjoy a home-field advantage. As your local supplier and metal fabricator, we can get the job done quickly without any threat of extra shipping costs or unforeseen shipping delays.


Unfortunately, not every geographical area is blessed with its own local fabricator. Therefore, if you are a bit further afield--say, in one of Canada's other provinces or the continental United States--we are also here to serve you. Drop us a line, let us know what your needs are, and we will work together to ensure that they're met as affordably and efficiently as possible.

Wherever You Are

There are limits, of course (the International Space Station being one), but no matter where you are, you can feel free to drop us a line and ask about our shipping options and availability. We are here to serve you. 

We Can Help

If you would like to hear more about our services or chat about an upcoming project, please feel free to contact us or just stop by at your convenience.

We maintain an open-door policy and welcome visitors. We would love to hear more about your specific needs, and we look forward to working with you.