Advantages of Using Aluminum Checker Plate when Repairing or Renovating

by Kim Stewart on September 18, 2022

Architects, Designers and Contractors are fond of using Aluminum Checker Plate for multiple reasons during renovations. Primarily, Aluminum Checker Plate is used for decorative purposes. Aluminum Checker Plate can also be used as added protection to walls and doors, helping to avoid making frequent repairs and/or renovations. Let's look at the advantages and how to decide which Aluminum Checker Plate can suit your architectural design needs. 


Aluminum Checker Plate is also known as (aluminum) Diamond Plate, which is a type of metal stock with a repeating pattern of raised diamonds on one side and the reverse side, is featureless.

We use 2 thickness of Aluminum Checker Plate in our wall and door protection products:

  • 1/8”
    • Thickness: 1/8 inches
    • Type: 3003 alloy
    • Finish: Mirror-Like Finish
  • 14 Gauge
    • Thickness: 0.63 inches
    • Type: 3003 alloy
    • Finish: Bright or Mirror-Like Finish

Easy To Use

Using architectural hardware products made of Aluminum Checker Plate has the advantage of being easy to work with and quick to install, it normally takes contractors just minutes to install instead of hours, thus speeding up repairs and renovations.

Durable, Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean

Using Aluminum Checker Plate, virtually guarantees durability despite heavy traffic and frequent usage, and is typically easy to clean, and is corrosion and chemical resistant.

Multi-purpose usage

Aluminum Checker Plate can be used as a protection product or simply as a design or décor element such as a corner guard, wall end caps, wall panels, trim, and door plates, just to mention a few.

You will often see Aluminum Checker Plate used in retail stores, offices, lobbies, restaurants, and healthcare settings. Aluminum Checker Plate can protect your walls, corners, doors, and surfaces from scruffs, dents, abrasions and scratches.