Aluminum Corner Guards: Checker Plater Guards Provide Maximum Impact Protection

by Boss Steel on November 11, 2019

If you're looking for a way to save money on maintenance and repair costs, there are few better options than getting corner guards for your high-traffic areas. These guards stop vulnerable areas from being damaged by both accidental impacts, as well as from the regular hustle and bustle that can wear down corners. However, with so many different varieties of corner guards available, it can be difficult to choose the type that will best suit your needs.

For serious protection, though, aluminum checker plate guards will get the job done.

The Proof is in The Pattern

There are a number of advantages that aluminum guards offer when it comes to protection. They're lightweight (comparatively speaking), which allows them to be moved and installed with relative ease. The metal resists corrosion and environmental hazards, which allows these guards to last for years even in rain, snow, and other unfavorable conditions. However, the real strength of these corner guards is in the pattern.

The checker plate pattern may look decorative (which is certainly can be), but it serves a greater purpose, as well. The raised checker pattern actually helps catch and redirect impacts, allowing the corner guards to shrug off more damaging collisions than a flat guard could. By diluting the force, and making it more difficult to actually damage the guard itself, these aluminum guards will last a surprisingly long period of time. And in the event that something does hit them hard enough to noticeably damage the guard, replacing it can be done very quickly. Certainly much more quickly than the underlying wall could be fixed, repainted, and allowed to dry, at any rate.

For more on the benefits corner guards can bring to your building, and to find the material and pattern that's going to be right for your needs, all you have to do is contact us today!