Architectural Products That Provide Great Protection

by Kim Stewart on June 09, 2022

It is important that you have the architectural products necessary to provide protection for your home, business, industrial building, barn, etc. These products can go a long way in not only protecting the structures themselves, but also making it safer for anyone who is inside the structure. Here are two architectural products that provide great protection. 

Corner Guard

One very important architectural product that can provide a great deal of protection inside almost any structure is a corner guard. The corner guard is produced from aluminum, aluminum checker plate, stainless steel, and steel. Corner guards cover the entire corner and helps to stop any damage from occurring to the corner, if it gets bumped, scratched, dinged, etc. 

End Cap Guard 

Another great architectural product that provides great protection to your structure is an end cap guard. This is great for pony walls or end walls that do not go all the way up to the ceilings. This cap goes on top of the short wall and runs the length of the wall. Having a guard for this wall is perfect because this is a wall that is often built in a busy area and comes in contact with a lot of people, machinery, etc. The guard itself is also made from your choice of aluminum, aluminum checker plate, stainless steel, or steel, and they have an aesthetically appealing finish. 

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