Architectural Products You Can Rely On

by Kim Stewart on July 10, 2022

 Architectural products encompass a wide variety of building materials and accessories. They are crucial to getting big projects done, for both professional architects and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. BOSS Wall and Door Protection Products can help satisfy this need with a variety of quality goods that are manufactured in-house with durable materials. 

Our Range of Architectural Products

BOSS Wall and Door Protection Products offers a range of products to meet different design needs. This includes: 

  • Corner guards 
  • End cap guards 
  • Baseboard trim 
  • Crown molding 
  • Armor plates
  • Kick plates 
  • Push plates 
  • Stretcher plates

Depending on your project needs, BOSS Wall and Door Protection Products can fill custom orders or those of large quantities. We are here to help provide you with solutions, backed by our expertise and dedication to great customer service. Proudly made in Canada.

Long-Lasting Materials 

Our Wall Protection products are manufactured using quality aluminum, aluminum checker plate, stainless steel, and steel. This helps ensure they perform well on the job and offer long-lasting use. Professionals can rely on BOSS Wall and Door Protection Products to get the job done and get it done confidently. We have been creating corner guards for over three decades and continue to successfully expand our product line with the same quality you can rely on. 

Rapid Turnaround

There's no reason for customers to have to wait and delay their projects because of slow turnaround times. BOSS Wall and Door Protection offers a quick turnaround by making our products in-house and shipping them right from our manufacturing location. By taking out third-party sellers, we're able to deliver in a timely manner. This also helps us ensure quality control throughout the entire process, from creation to shipment. 

Reliable Customer Service 

Here at BOSS Wall and Door Protection, we pride ourselves on our expertise. We're here to help you every step of the way and continue to expand our offering to meet our customers' needs. We seek to learn your needs and deliver the correct solution through Corner Guards, Door Plates, Wall Trim, Wall Panels, and other architectural products. Whenever you have a question, concern, custom request, we're ready to listen. 

For more information on BOSS Corner Guards architectural products, check out our website and contact us