Are Industrial Corner Guards Right for Your Music Studio?

by Boss Steel on July 13, 2015

Any recording engineer, producer or artist knows that all music studios see their fair share of traffic, and that studio walls and corners see a great deal of damage. Because of this, it's essential to use corner guards to protect your studio for many reasons.

Of course some studios might receive more damage than others. This often depends on the musicians and artists that you serve. If your studio mainly works with young artists, or artists that make music in popular genres like rock, pop, metal and hip hop, you might find that studio party-goers do a lot of damage to your walls and corners. Many artists might also be young, immature or simply inconsiderate; and they may not show respect for your studio or space.

However, some studio damage is pretty universal. Because soundproofing is essential but expensive, even high-end studio spaces are usually made up of small soundproof rooms throughout and a few larger rooms. Because of this:

  • Large musical instruments, (like drum-kits, cellos, guitars and so much more), and instrument cases will bump your walls and corners, 
  • Equipment like mike stands, amps of varying sizes and other large, unwieldy items will also bump your walls and corners
  • Artists, producers, engineers and guests will have to move furniture around to record comfortably for long periods of time. Chances are this type of thing will be a leading cause of wall and corner damage as well.
  • People will drop backpacks, books, purses and other items like this and they will damage your walls and corners, and
  • Other people, (and sometimes even large groups of people), will lean against walls to listen to music and visit with people working at your studio

Which Corner Guards are Right for Your Music Studio?

Boss Stainless Steel Corner Guards are ideal for most studios because they have a streamlined and sleek look, yet they provide heavy-duty protection. Our Aluminum Checker Plate design has a quite recognizable diamond-pattern, great for studios with an industrial/modern look, however these might not be a good style choice for a studio with a higher-end decor theme.  In the end, the aesthetics are up to you.

With either option, it's best to choose corner guards that are at least 48-inches long and 4- or 6-inches wide. Because instruments and equipment items are typically very large and a lot of studio space is likely very small, you should opt for as much protection as possible. Boss Corner Guards work well on all common wall surfaces including brick, plaster and drywall and pricing is affordable for both options. Contact us today to learn more, or for advice on which corner guard design is right for you!