Checker Plate Aluminum Corner Guards Add Pizzazz to Drywall Protection

by Boss Steel on April 21, 2017

There is no substitute for the pizzazz that the mirror-like finish of checker plate corner guards brings to the drywall protection of your facility. Rather than opting for a utilitarian look that is functional but does not offer a lot in the way of eye candy, these aluminum corner guards combine form with function.

Why Focus on the Optics?

Whether you run a warehouse, storage facility, or loading dock area, the overall appearance of the venue affects the way people perceive your business. For a high-tech company, the warehouse’s overall look should complement the brand appeal that the main office and lobby setting communicate to the buyer or investor. Even though these folks rarely head over to see the warehouse, a complete break from the overall ambiance creates a gap in the brand message that could put a sale in jeopardy.

How Aluminum Corner Guards Protect Drywall

Available in lengths of 48 inches or 96 inches, the checkerboard aluminum corner guards come in gauges of 0.063 inches or 0.125 inches. These measurements define the thickness of the material. Both products are pleasing to the eye and protect, but the 1/8-inch-thick material is just a bit beefier. Choose from products coming in packs of one, two, five, or ten corner guards.

Once installed, the guards protect drywall from the impacts that daily work activities can create. Manufactured with an eye on durability, your business benefits from the functionality and great looks of the checkerboard design for a long time to come. Learn more about drywall protection today by contacting our experts online or calling 1-888-301-6403