Corner Guards Before, During and After Renovations

by Boss Steel on February 17, 2016

As we move deeper into 2016, it's highly likely that many North Americans will jump on the renovation bandwagon, deciding that "out with the old, in with the new" is a mantra that should affect their homes as well as their personal New Year's Resolutions. They'd be in good company. According to recent statics, home improvement stores in the United States alone generated a revenue that amounted to about 144 billion U.S. dollars in 2014. That figure represents a whole lot of renovation projects.

With so much money invested each year in renovations, it's important that those investments are protected. One way to protect your investment is to install corner guards.

Any way you look at it, installing corner guards either before, during or after renovations is a wise move. Depending on the nature of your renovation plan, you may want to make installing corner guards the first step on your list. In doing so, you will mitigate damage to the existing structure.

If you're already mid-project, it's still not too late to consider installing a set of guards, especially if you plan to move heavy equipment, power tools, of new furniture in and out. All such processes put your corners at risk, and a set of guards would go a long way toward ensuring that your corners are well-guarded against any scratches, dents, or gouges. 

If you plan to make major changes to the walls during your renovation project, then of course you will want to wait until after project completion for installation. In such cases, a nice, shiny set of new corner guards will be the finishing touch on a job well done.

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