Corner Guards For Office Towers: Because Accidents Don't Just Happen in The Loading Bay

by Boss Steel on September 27, 2019

When you think of corner guards, chances are you think of the heavy, industrial guards that are commonplace in loading docks, warehouses, and other, similar storage facilities. Stainless steel shields that can absorb falling crates, or even turn aside vehicles, protecting the corners behind them from damage in the event of an accident. However, corner guards are also useful accessories in less traditional environments... like office towers, for example.

Why Would An Office Tower Need Corner Guards?

Accidents are not limited to places where heavy machinery moves, and big loads are hauled; they can happen anywhere. And, as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. As such, a little bit of prevention can go a long, long way when it comes to your budgets, and making repairs to the corners without your office tower.

Take a moment and ask yourself how many people need to touch the corners as they walk by for the paint to discolor, or for the wear and tear to begin to show? How many accidents with a mail cart, a wheelchair, or just someone stumbling and losing their balance for a moment before notable damage happens? Now ask yourself how much money it would take to repair the damage from those accidents. Not just in terms of replacing panels or drywall, but in time, inconvenience, mess, repainting, and all the other hassles that come with making those kinds of repairs.

How much of that could you save if you just had a simple, tasteful corner guard in place? Whether it was hard plastic, aluminum, or something else, all you need is a guard that will keep your corners safe while blending into the decor of your tower. Because when accidents happen, your prevention can really pay off.

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