Corner Guards for Renovations? Why Not? There Have Been Nuttier Ideas!

by Boss Steel on December 02, 2015

Perhaps considering corner guards as part of your renovation plans sounds a bit outside the norm. It is our contention, however, that there have been much nuttier renovation ideas.

For example, one of the lesser-known American land renovation plans was a movement in the early Twentieth Century to convert swampy swaths of southern Louisiana into Hippo Farms.

That's right. Hippo Farms.

This really did seem like a good idea at the time. For one thing, America was suffering from a meat shortage. For another, since the swamps of Louisiana had thus far proven unsuitable for contemporary farming techniques, some believed that their next step logical should be to import meat animals from other countries.  

[Robert F.] Broussard introduced H.R. 23261, commonly known as the Hippo Bill, "to appropriate $250,000 for the importation of useful new animals into the United States." Along with Fritz Duquesne, Broussard and [Frederick Russell] Burnham co-founded the New Food Supply Society, a fledgling group to investigate and promote the idea of importing hippos and other African animals... The Washington Post assured the public that the U.S. would see shipments of hippos within a few years. (io9)

The much-lauded hippo bacon never arrived on American tables. Due to several contributing factors--such as the start of WWI and the fact that one of the three organizers of the New Food Supply Society turned out to have been a con artist--the shipments of hippos never arrived in the South, which is probably just as well.

Our point here is that rehabbing the swamps of the Bayou to accommodate Hippo Farms is one of the nuttier renovation ideas we've ever heard. After that, adding corner guards to your renovation plans sounds downright logical! Not only will corner guards protect your investment by keeping your new corners free of damage, but our guards will also offer fine accents to your building's inside edges.

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