Corner Guards for Renovations: Win the Battle AND the War

by Boss Steel on July 31, 2015

Most people are familiar with the concept of a Pyrrhic Victory; that is, a battle so costly that it ultimately wasn't worth the cost of winning.

Take for example Hannibal, who in 218 B.C.E. decided that it would be a good idea to launch a surprise attack on the Roman Empire, taking his troops (and war elephants!) the long way around from Carthage in North Africa, up over the Pyrenees and the Alps, so as to invade Italy from the north. 

This would have been a fabulous plan, had most of his elephants not died of cold along the way. Second, the many costly battles waged between Hannibal's troops and the Roman war machine led the African commander from victory to victory; but ultimately to his ruin. Since the Carthaginians didn't have the seemingly-limitless number of men at their disposal that the Roman Empire did, it was ironically Hannibal's many costly victories that led to his ultimate defeat.

Instead of thinking just in terms of short-term victories, Hannibal would have been well served in taking the long view. In a similar way, it's important for you to consider not just your short-term business goals but your long-term aspirations as well.

That's why if you're planning to renovate your facility, you should not overlook corner guards for renovations. In the short term, unprotected corners are a cheaper bet. After all, installing corner protection requires both time and financial investment. In the long run, however, well-protected corners will bring down maintenance costs and ensure that your renovations won't have been in vain.

Don't let your renovations be a Pyrrhic victory. Make corner protection a part of your long-range business plans.

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