Decorative Stainless Steel Corner Guards are Ideal for the Small Business Setting

by Boss Steel on July 28, 2017

You may not need the heavy-duty commercial stainless steel corner guards that manufacturing plants with loading docks tend to invest in. In fact, you run a small neighborhood dry cleaning operation, grocery store, junior market, or floral shop. But did you know that there are scaled down versions of these corner guards that are ideally suited for protecting your venue?

Corner Guards can Save You Money

The over-enthusiastic vendor rep who bumps the dolly into the wall when going around the corner in your place takes a chunk out of the surface. The shopper who accidentally propels the cart into the corner rather than going around it also does some damage. However, because this accident happens at a corner location, you are now looking at having to fix two walls. This repair involves drywall, paint, and the inconvenience associated with it.

Decorative Pieces Underscore a Brand Message

If you select 22-gauge stainless steel with a brushed exterior presentation, you might be surprised just how much pizzazz the product adds to a small space. For the entrepreneur with a brushed aluminum lobby sign, this combination perfectly accentuates your brand message. Within a kitchen setting, these types of corner guards complement appliances that also feature brushed stainless steel.

Pristine Walls Make a Great Impression on Customers

The consumer evaluates the quality of your store by a number of hallmarks. Examples include signage and cleanliness. But the way that your space presents itself – in disrepair or great shape – also plays a significant role. Dinged walls and corners that miss chunks do not make the impression you are looking for.

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