Deliveries and Other Perils

by Boss Steel on July 20, 2018

As every facility manager knows, each building comes with its own particular set of issues. Given the differences in location, design, purpose, and tenants, most buildings require more than just general maintenance. Each one requires particular attention to specific needs.

One particular is how often the building receives deliveries, what type of deliveries they are, and how much potential damage could result.

If large items are delivered, the question of liability crops up. Not only might the delivery item(s) be injured in the process, but the building itself could sustain damage. Take, for example, this business owner, who is seeking to address damage done to his building by the driver of a delivery truck.

A delivery truck driver in his big truck struck our building overhang, damaging it...At first it looked like the driver's company was going to submit a claim to their company. Well, come to find out the damage was in excess of $45K. Now the company and the driver are refusing to take responsibility and the driver is denying he [did] the damage.

Of course, most businesses are not dealing with large-scale damage due to delivery trucks plowing into their facilities; however, smaller daily dangers have a way of adding up. Even if you're just dealing with couriers in and out of your front office a few times a week, there's still the potential for damage due to increased foot traffic.

If you desire to keep your interior corners and edges free from nicks, scrapes, and scratches, consider installing sets of our premium corner guards. Designed in various sizes, styles, and thicknesses, they're the perfect option to protect against incidental damage.

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