Do I Need Industrial Corner Guards? A Checklist

by Boss Steel on October 05, 2018

If you hear the term industrial corner guard and immediately think of factories, warehouses, steel mills, auto manufacturers, and so on, you would be partially correct. Our industrial guards are actually perfectly suited to such situations.

But their effectiveness doesn't stop there.

In order to know if you could benefit from our industrial corner guards, please consult the checklist below.

Do I Need Industrial Corner Guards?

Is machinery operating inside my facility?

If your industry includes the interior use of fork lifts, roller dollies, or anything similar, you know the risk to your interior corners. In such cases, our heavy duty corner guards are the perfect choice.

Is machinery operating outside my facility?

Interior corners aren't the only type that need protection. At industrial facilities, outer edges can be subject to specific types of damage--particularly in areas where outdoor heavy machinery is used. 

Are we planning to hire or train new staff members? 

Perhaps you've been incident-free for a number of months or years. That's wonderful! We're very proud of you. But all that means little if you plan to hire and train new staff members any time soon. In such cases, the opportunity for mistakes and accidents increases. 

Do we have other special considerations?

Special considerations could include anything from extreme weather conditions to a sudden spike in production to a change in management. Whatever changes you're facing will likely come with unintended consequences, some of which could compromise safety.

One way to be sure you're prepared for anything would be to install industrial or heavy duty corner guards. 

We Can Help

At Boss Corner Guards, we have your best interests at heart.

We carry guards in various sizes, styles, and thicknesses. If our industrial corner guards don't sound like they would meet your needs, feel free to contact us for guidance. We would love to connect you with the perfect product.

We look forward to hearing from you.