Drywall Protection: How Corner Guards Stop The Dominoes From Falling

by Boss Steel on December 13, 2019

Drywall is one of the most commonly-used building materials out there, particularly in offices. After all, it's relatively inexpensive, it can be hung quickly, and it can be used as a canvas to create all kinds of impressions with paint or wallpaper. However, drywall is not exactly the sturdiest of materials, and if it gets damaged that can create a domino effect of inconvenient (and sometimes expensive) repairs.

All It Takes Is One Accident

Imagine for a moment you have drywall in your office. It's not something you notice very often, but it gets the job done. Then one day the wheel on a mail cart goes out, and it lurches to one side when the intern tries to turn the corner. The cart impacts the corner, and gouges the drywall. Now there's an ugly mark there that can't just be painted over... the drywall has to be replaced.

That's an easy enough task to do, but the problem is that the new drywall with its fresh coat of paint looks noticeably different from the older drywall all around it. So, to maintain a uniform appearance, now you need to paint over all of it. That takes significantly longer, costs a great deal more, and is just inconvenient for those who need to work around all this cosmetic repair.

And that can happen over and over again. Whether it's a stumble, or just people brushing the corners as they turn down a hallway, these are some of the most vulnerable areas of a not-terribly-durable material. And if no precautions are taken, it can lead to a constant cycle of repair and upkeep.

A Shield Against Incidental Impacts

One way to prevent this cycle from getting started is to make sure your drywall always has corner guards on it. Whether they're plastic or metal, these guards act like armor on the most vulnerable sections, helping keep your drywall safe from the wear and tear of daily life around the office. From incidental contact with hands and shoulders, to minor impacts from carts and furniture, these guards prevent the damage from marring the walls. And if a guard is damaged, all you have to replace is the guard, rather than starting the whole upkeep process anew.

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