Drywall Protection in the Time of COVID-19

by Boss Steel on March 27, 2020

Since the novel virus COVID-19 gained global pandemic status early in March of 2020, consumers have been scrambling to ensure that their homes, businesses, and offices are safe and properly sanitized.

We totally understand and applaud these measures.  

While the scramble has certainly led some people to take misguided steps (such as gargling with bleach or drinking garlic soup), it has also led to an uptick in general hygiene and cleanliness. People are washing their hands, wiping down counters and door knobs, and generally trying to lower the transmission of the virus.

This is a good thing.

Depending on your environment, however, you may also want to consider wiping down your walls.

Yes, even your drywalls.

Who Needs to Clean Their Walls?

As a general rule, most walls only need an occasional dusting to stay in good shape. Walls with any sort of textured finish especially require such routine care, but even plain drywall can accumulate dust, mites, and cobwebs. 

High-traffic areas, however, or walls that have a high likelihood of being regularly touched (such as elementary school hallways, for instance) will require more careful attention. 

How Should You Clean Your Drywall?

Because of its porous nature, drywall cannot be cleaned in the same way that you would clean other surfaces. Both the materials and the methods matter. 

It's recommended that you use a cellulose sponge in order to minimize the amount of liquid and that you follow this general procedure.

Wipe the walls with your damp cellulose sponge in a downward direction. Start at the top of the wall and wipe straight down to the floor. This will ensure that drips of water from the sponge will be wiped up as you move down the wall. Drops of water left on the wall could cause damage to the drywall material. 

These are simple but important steps to ensure both the cleanliness and the integrity of your walls.

Although it won't protect against COVID-19, installing guards along your interior corners and edges might make them easier to wipe down at the end of each day, with the additional benefit of keeping them safe from scrapes, scratches, and other minor damage.

We Can Help

Here at Boss Corner Guards, we sincerely wish you and your loved ones all the best during this time of uncertainty. 

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