Facility Managers: Shrink Your Summer Hassles by Installing Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on June 16, 2017

When we think of summer, most of us think of long days, family vacations, and lighter schedules. Mostly due to America's firmly-entrenched public school schedule, which keeps kids in the classroom roughly from September to June, our culture has adapted to the idea that summers are long and relaxing.

Of course, this is mostly a myth.

But it's usually not until we grow up and hit the work force that the misconception becomes clear.

While it's true that families may take vacations in the summer months, most businesses do not.

That means facility managers can't expect much of a break over the summer. Indeed, depending on the type of facilities they manage, summer may even be their busiest months.

If that's the case for you, then in order to shrink some of your summer hassles, consider installing some of our premium corner guards along your interior doorways and edges. These slick, attractive guards will not only save money in the long run by cutting your yearly maintenance costs, but they'll also save you the time and fuss of taking care of those repairs yourselves.

With 41% of all businesses reporting that they plan to hire seasonal help this year, we recognize that not all seasons are the same for each business. And for many, the summer of 2017 promises to be a busy one.

If you anticipate a busy summer - or if you are already looking head to a hectic fall or wild winter - and you want to get ahead of the curve by installing corner guards, we applaud your foresight.

If you would like to discuss which style of guard is best for you, or if you have questions or comments about anything else, please feel free to contact us.