Flat Edge vs. WallGrip™ What’s the Difference??

by Kim Stewart on July 31, 2022

BOSS’ WallGrip™ Edge is recommended for drywall, plaster, stucco, and brick applications. The WallGrip™ Edge is a slightly beveled or kicked-in edge that allows a tighter fit to the mounting surface.

Not all walls are created equal, and the WallGrip™ allows for a snugger fit when walls might not be exact, where a flat edge will lay one way or another, possibly leaving one wing sticking out creating a gap, causing a safety hazard, possibly catching on clothing, items, and skin.

The WallGrip™ Edge can be added to Corner Guards, End Cap Guards, and Wall Trim as needed.

Also known as, or referred to as; “Safety Edge”, “Beveled Edge”, throughout the industry, and in most cases mean the same thing.

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