Get the Right Protection with Industrial Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on January 24, 2020

Are you getting enough protection from your corner guards? Stainless steel corner guards offer great protection for high traffic areas like restaurants and office buildings. Heavy traffic areas can be especially rough on corners when machinery or equipment comes into play. Meaning areas like garage exteriors and warehouses need more substantial protection. Industrial corner guards offer heavy-duty protection in spaces with more than the usual wear and tear. Industrial corner guards have added thickness to handle the stress of heavy use.

Advantages of Industrial Corner Guards

Boss industrial corner guards are available in 1/4-inch or 5/16-inch thicknesses. Making the corner guards up to five times thicker than a 16 gauge corner guard. Industrial corner guards offer greater durability and longevity than standard stainless steel corner guards. Industrial corner guards stand up to personnel, equipment, and machinery. The hot-rolled steel construction will not crumble under heavy and repeated use. The corner guards take the impact of dents, bumps, and scratches to protect your walls.

Industrial Corner Guards Fit Your Space

The bare metal finish of hot-rolled steel might not suit every application, so we provide the option to purchase industrial corner guards with pre-applied gray primer. If your space has a color scheme, you can apply any color paint to the corner guards for a matching finish. Our industrial corner guards are 48 inches in length, and available in a 4x4-inch or 6x6-inch to suit various heavy-duty facilities. Industrial corner guards provide the best protection for use in factories, industrial yards, and warehouses.

Heavy-Duty Corner Guards From Boss

Industrial corner guards from Boss come with six pre-drilled 7/16-inch holes to accommodate 3/8-inch hardware. Our industrial corner guards are designed to stand up to industrial use and have been thoroughly tested. Industrial corner guards are an excellent investment for any space that requires heavy-duty protection. Contact Boss Corner Guards today to experience our quality service and get the right solution to protect your facilities.