Getting Buff: Your Stainless Steel Corner Protection Maintenance Guide

by Boss Steel on June 30, 2015

If you've already invested in stainless steel corner protection for your building, we commended you. In the long run, such a step will cut down on routine maintenance, saving you both time and money.

The question, though, is how to keep your stainless steel corner protectors looking smart and shiny despite the potential scrapes and scuffs that they might undergo. After all, if they're doing their jobs correctly, they'll be taking hits that would normally scratch paint and chip drywall, meaning that eventually, they could show some wear and tear of their own. 

Although the problem of scuffed corner guards would cause nowhere near the ruckus raised by owners of the easily-scratched stainless steel Apple watches earlier this spring (see Scratchgate 2015), it's still a fair question. After forking over cash for something smooth and shiny, what are you to do if it starts to look a bit worse for wear?

The solution for both owners of stainless steel Apple watches and stainless steel corner protectors is the same: it's time to get buff.

"To repair a scratch in any metal, it is polished away, usually using a polishing paste that contains a small amount of abrasive,” says [Nick] Manousos, [Technical Editor for an authoritative watch enthusiast site.] “The act of polishing removes a small amount of surface material until the scratch no longer is visible.” (Wired)

Although your corner protectors are built to take a hit, they may occasionally show wear, but it's nothing that a little spit and polish won't fix. In the end, keeping your corner protectors shiny is easy--much easier than repairing the potential damage that could take place in the event of unprotected corners.  There are many stainless steel cleaners and polishes available on the market today, in liquid, paste, and even pre-soaked wipes.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our range of products, whether it be installation or ongoing maintenance, we'd be happy to assist you.