Have You Considered Stainless Steel Corner Guards for Your Hotel?

by Boss Steel on September 23, 2016

You know what it’s like when you’re planning to go out-of-town. You browse through the online reviews to see what hotel might be ideal for your stay.

 In fact, just reading reviews for 30 minutes can paint quite a picture of the hotels in the city you plan to travel to. Along with the complaints of “questionable stains, cigarette burns and poor service;” you also constantly see reviewers complain of, “dated walls, chipped paint, busted doors, water damage, holes in the walls and broken walls,”

However, most of us rarely stop to consider the sheer amount of activity that goes on in hotels. Some hotels feature in-house nightclubs, bars, gambling, spas, restaurants and live entertainment. Most hotels host conferences, weddings and other events on a regular basis. Upscale 4 and 5-star establishments especially can see quite a bit of foot traffic and business bustle daily.

Yes, visitor traffic is a given; but, what about the people who work there and the people who deliver, clean and maintain the constant supply of furniture, electronics, machinery, incidentals, linens, food and whatever else a particular hotel might need? Most of us don’t even begin to calculate that traffic.

Yet, when we’re guests at any hotel, we still want it to feel like home. We want it to feel comfortable and look nice. We expect it.

If you’re a hotel owner or manager, you know more than anyone how hard  that is to do. You also know how expensive it can be.

Why Use Corner Guards Throughout Your Hotel?

To maintain the level of class and quality your guests expect, you have to protect your investment. You can take preventive steps now to avoid costly maintenance and embarrassing online reviews later.

Walls chip in all types of buildings. However, hotel walls are more prone to damage. Once your hotel walls chip, your building will start to look rundown, dated and dirty even if it’s none of these things. Corner guards offer attractive, long-term, wall protection. In addition, choosing the right corner guard for your hotel’s décor can even add an extra level of opulence.

Choose Boss Corner Guards every time for:

  • Clean and shiny,
  • Rugged and durable, or
  • Elegant and upscale,

… corner guards that feature brushed finishes, checker plates, simple stainless steel finishes and so much more.