Industrial Corner Guards Provide Industrial-Strength Protection

by Boss Steel on April 26, 2019

When you think of corner guards, what comes to mind are probably the thin, plastic protectors you see on drywall to keep it safe from rubbing and collisions. Some people might even be thinking of the aluminum checker plates or stainless steel corner guards you find in stock rooms, or in high-traffic areas where accidents can happen. While those corner guards are much stronger than the plastic variety, even they aren't industrial strength.

Industrial corner guards are shields that can take a beating. The sort of guards that will stand up when something serious needs to be turned aside.

How Tough Are Your Corners?

If you're in a situation where you have a lot of vehicular traffic, or if seriously heavy weights are being moved, then you need to make sure you're prepared for when accidents inevitably happen. For the day when a load slips off the tines of a forklift, or for when a vehicle hits the corner of your support columns when it's backing up. Because even if everyone follows the rules, on a long enough timeline things like this are going to happen.

And when they do, you need industrial corner guards to help minimize the damage.

These corner guards are thicker, stronger, and provide more coverage than even traditional stainless steel guards do. They're rated to stand up to serious accidents, and they have the ability to stop structural damage that would cost far more to replace than the guard itself when something goes wrong. Daily wear and tear is negligible as well, since these shields are meant to take serious hits, and are totally unaffected by things that would damage lesser protective coverings.

If you need a set of industrial corner guards to help protect your facilities, then all you have to do is contact us today!