Industrial Corner Guards: Serious Protection, For Serious Work

by Boss Steel on April 18, 2017

We're all familiar with the idea of corner guards. Because corners are some of the most vulnerable places in our buildings, we put angled guards over them. Standard guards tend to be made of aluminum, or even steel, and they're meant to protect corners from the daily wear and tear.

Industrial corner guards, though, are a whole new ball game.

Heavy Duty Protection

Think of standard corner guards as the sort of pads you'd wear to play a contact sport. They're comfortable, they fit well, and they're meant to protect you from average hits. Those pads aren't the sort of body armor you'd wear into a war zone, though.

That's the difference between standard corner guards, and industrial ones. Regular corner guards will protect your walls from day-to-day impacts, but industrial ones are meant to stop bigger impacts. So if you're moving in furniture, using heavy machinery, or other risky endeavors, industrial corner guards provide a layer or protection that standard ones simply can't match.

Even more than how tough they are, though, is the lifespan of an industrial-strength corner guard. These guards are meant to be exposed to all kinds of elements, and all sorts of treatment. They are the shields that protect your walls. While they will need to be replaced eventually, they have a significantly longer lifespan than average protectors. Not only that, but they can survive impacts that would shatter lesser guards.

So, if you find yourself in the market for some increased protection, all you have to do is contact us today. It's our job to keep your corners safe.