Neal Do You Need Industrial Corner Guards?

by Boss Steel on September 28, 2018

No matter how careful you are in your workplace, accidents happen. And, unfortunately, the corners of your walls tend to take the brunt of the abuse in situations like this. Which is why it pays to invest in some preventative measures, and to be sure your corners can survive when something slips, crashes, or falls into them.

Do You Need Industrial Corner Guards?

If you work in an office, or in a place where the biggest challenge your corners will have to deal with is an errant cardboard box, or being banged when the movers bring in your furniture, then you will probably be safe with standard-issue stainless steel or aluminum corner guards. However, if you're dealing with bigger potential damages, like areas with forklift traffic or where heavy cargo gets unloaded, then you might want to take some extra precautions.

The main difference between regular corner guards, and their industrial-grade cousins, is their size and strength. Industrial corner guards are constructed from 1/4 inch to 5/16 inch hot-rolled steel. Hot rolled steel tends to have improved mechanical properties, according to Sunny Steel, and that makes it ideal for protecting your walls in places where high-impact risks are a reality. These guards come in 48-inch lengths, and in 96-inch lengths, depending on the size you need for your particular walls.

While these corner guards won't stop damages from high-impact incidents, they are ideal for making sure that your walls don't get scuffed, chipped, dented, or dinged from the average workday's wear and tear. And if your average workday is a little tougher than what you'd find in a cubicle, well, then your corner guards need to be up to the challenge of dealing with that, too.

If you have more questions about industrial corner guards, or you want to know if they're right for you, then simply contact us today!