Prevent Unexpected Maintenance With Corner Guards for Your Office Tower

by Boss Steel on February 21, 2020

Does your office tower have adequate protection for its walls? Without proper protection, your finished office walls are exposed to damage from foot traffic, delivery carts, and movement of office furniture. Boss Corner Guards' stainless steel corner guards provide wall protection against almost anything your office tower walls will encounter.

Does Your Office Tower Need Corner Guards?

Office towers have constant foot traffic from employees and visitors passing through corridors with bags, briefcases, and delivery boxes. It only takes a moment of carelessness to cause damage to an unprotected wall resulting in maintenance costs. Office spaces may move workstations and furniture when business demands change, which can risk in significant damage to unprotected walls. Boss Corner Guards are an excellent solution to protect your property and avoid maintenance costs.

Why Choose Boss Corner Guards?

Stainless steel corner guards from Boss Corner Guards look great in any office environment and provide substantial protection for your walls. The stainless steel corner guards come with a brushed finish for a modern and professional aesthetic that opens up the office space and suits a variety of paint colors. Our steel is sourced from North America for quality and fabricated in our facility to provide a high-end product that will endure.

We have four gauge options in our 48-inch stainless steel corner guards to suit your protective and decorative purposes. We also offer a variety of widths for spaces where you may need greater coverage. Our 96-inch stainless steel corner guards also come in four gauges and a variety of widths for areas where you need full coverage. Installing Boss Corner Guards is simple with a PVC coating to protect the finished side of the corner guard and the optional WallGrip Edge to suit corners with a variety of angles.

Invest in Office Protection

If you are looking to protect the walls of your office tower, contact Boss Corner Guards today for a consultation. We offer high-quality products and excellent customer service to help you find the perfect solution.