Quality and Functional Architectural Products

by Kim Stewart on August 21, 2022

If you are looking for high-quality architectural hardware products, it would be best if you got them from a trusted manufacturer/retailer. Boss Steel Limited offers a vast variety of products and materials, and through the Wall and Door Protection Products division, we manufacture and sell a selection of these items. Not only will these products be a great addition to your building, but they also make it safe and functional. 

Boss wall and door protection architectural hardware products will not only keep your building safe; they also go in hand with most building interiors. We are your one-stop shop for all your wall and door protection product requirements. Architects and designers use a wide range of products in their designs, including interior and exterior doors, windows, and trim just to mention a few. These items are found in many public and private spaces, such as hospitals, schools, libraries, offices, and hotels. Though products and brands may vary, one thing remains consistent, they are the finishing touches that complete the vision and keep the facility protected against the damages of daily wear and tear.

Door Accessories

Since doors are used on a daily basis, the surface of the door can look worn, prematurely. BOSS door protection products are a cost-effective way of keeping doors looking new for many years. We offer the following door protection plates Armor Plates, Kick Plates, Mop Plates, Push Plates and Stretcher Plates currently in two types of material, aluminum checker plate and stainless steel. 


Wall Protection 
Most people focus on making their building cost-efficient and safe while overlooking the protection of walls. Over time, the walls get damaged and scuffed, making buildings look older than they ought to. Our wall protection products can keep your walls looking fresh for many years. Our product line includes Corner Guards, Wall End Cap Guards, Wall Trim, and Wall Panels. And these items are also offered in aluminum checker plate and stainless steel.