Reasons why Stainless Steel Corner Guards are the Best

by Boss Steel on January 17, 2020

Corner guards are used to protecting dry walls of the building, which may range from residential, commercial, or even industrial houses so that they can last for long. These guards are placed on the corner of the house either on the interior or outer part to prevent any external impact from affecting the wall.

When you are thinking of installing corner Guards the best one is that of stainless steel. Stainless steel corner guards are long-lasting due to the highly durable steel.  Due to their durability, they function well in places with alot of traffic such as hospitals, offices, homes, warehouses in industries, and even in football fields.

Stainless steel Guards are corrosion resistant. No more fear of rust, this guard can be placed on any side and part of the building. Depending on your house design, these stainless steel guards will not change color due to rust or even reduce in size because of rainwater wash.  This non-corrosion ability of stainless steel ensures that water from the atmosphere and also poured water on the walls during cleaning do not enter the wall through the small cracks that may be on the corner of the wall.

These stainless steel guards are very easy to install, and one person does the work.  The guard is pressed firmly on to the wall and left for 24 hours to attach securely. And you will be free to do anything on it.

These guards are of different sizes.  Do not worry if the guard will fit your house wall corner; they come in various sizes in both length and width. Stainless steel comes in various sizes that will suit all types of edges in the house; this was customized to ensure all walls are fully protected from breaking down.

 The best part of these stainless steel guards is that they come in a shiny grey color, but one can paint them to suit the color of the house. The stainless steel guard is fitted last after the construction of the building

Besides, the Stainless steel corner guards fit appropriately on the curved walls. Stainless Steel guards are inserted properly on curved corners with having any impact on the walls.

In conclusion, the best way of saving your money on repairs to the walls in the house, warehouse, office, and any other building, is to purchase stainless steel corner guards.