Six Valuable Renovation Considerations

by Boss Steel on August 24, 2015

If you do a little poking around on the web, you'll discover a wealth of advice regarding how best to renovate your home or office space. We've compiled a list of our favorites here for your benefit.

Six Important Renovation Considerations:

6. Plan ahead. Plan not just so that you know what you're doing, but plan ahead to catch the best sales and prices during different seasons.

5. Get insider advice. Consult with friends or acquaintances who have recently remodeled, asking for their input on local vendors, contractors, and so forth. Be sure to ask them what they wish someone else had told them before they'd gotten started. That question alone should produce a wealth of helpful information. 

4. Think of others. If you're renovating with an eye toward re-sale, be sure to use colors and styles that are accessible to all. 

3. Establish a base of operations. Nothing's worse than living in a half-dismantled home. If possible, set up living quarters elsewhere for the duration of the remodel.

2. Angle for extra storage space. When it comes to providing your home with attractive storage space, designers have become very creative. Before you slap up extra shelving in the garage or plan to pack away items in the attic, consider some of these alternatives.

1. Don't forget the finishing touches. Colorful trim, delicate woodwork, or just the right piece of art tucked in just the right spot can really bring a room together.  The best finishing touch, of course, would be to install corner guards: the perfect way to protect your new investment from the inevitable dings and scratches of life. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information on acquiring corner guards for your next renovation project.