Soft as Silk, Hard as Nails: Why Our Ballet Barres Are the Best in the Biz

by George Magee on May 18, 2018

Make no mistake: ballerinas are tough as nails. They have to be. In order to appear as if they're dancing effortlessly, they must train relentlessly, maintaining impressive levels of physical fitness at all times. But their motions are so sweet -- so soft and gentle -- that many assume ballet must be easy.

It is not.

Says one dancer, "People tend to misjudge how much strength, stamina, and sheer will are required to dance ballet because the best dancers never let you see anything but the ethereal image they are trying to portray." Ballerinas build insane amounts of leg and core strength; they also expend great amounts of mental energy throughout long hours of training and rehearsals. 

Here at Boss Steel, we respect this sort of thing.

Working as we do with steel, we are uniquely positioned to recognize the marriage of strength and beauty when we see it. That's is why we're the perfect choice to craft ballet barres. 

Just as professional dancers work hard behind the scenes to ensure seamless beauty for their audiences, we work hard in the shop to ensure unparalleled products for our clients. Our ballet barres are a perfect example of this ethos: they're a matchless combination of strength and beauty, a seamless union of form and function.  

We have what it takes to get the job done.

We Can Help

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