Special Orders from Boss Steel Limited

by Boss Steel on March 02, 2018

Custom Orders

Boss Steel Limited has a lot to offer customers and organizations that are looking for a high-quality metal supplier. The product range for Boss Steel Limited is certainly very broad. However, the fact that custom orders are available should make the experience of working with Boss Steel Limited even better. 

Customers and organizations that are looking for metal suppliers might need a specific material with a specific set of dimensions, and Boss Steel Limited is capable of truly giving them what they need through the custom fabrication of metals. 

Products That Last

Boss Steel Limited makes sure that our corner guards are powerful and long-lasting, whether they're made from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. Customers can get corrosion-resistant corner guards from us as well, making these corner guards especially effective. 

Our corner guards can help maintain walls in some of the most vulnerable rooms of a commercial or residential building and anywhere else where they're needed. All of our products were created with durability in mind.

We also have many products that other metal suppliers won't necessary offer, including ballet barres and safety railings. With products like safety railings, customization is particularly important, and it's possible to get custom-made safety railings through Boss Steel Limited.

Obviously, durability and stability is particularly essential with ballet barres and safety railings, given the functions that these products perform. We'll make sure that our products are all safe and effective. 


Customers in the general public will all be able to purchase what we have. Many of our customers come from the greater Toronto area. We can certainly ship products to customers living in the majority of Canada's provinces and in the contiguous United States. Many different customers throughout North America should be able to take advantage of everything that Boss Steel Limited has to offer. 

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