Stainless Steel Corner Guards for a New Home? You Bet

by Boss Steel on June 23, 2017

According to the most recent statistics available from the U.S. Census Bureau, during April of 2017 alone, over one million building permits were obtained for new residential construction projects, and over one million other homes were completed. 

While we're thrilled that Americans are building their dream homes at remarkable rates, we're also concerned that not all homeowners will be as careful about protecting their investments as the years go by. 

And according to HGTV, many first-time homeowners are shocked when they realize the full extent of yearly home maintenance costs. Even after committing themselves to keeping costs low by taking care of minor repairs themselves, they still grapple with how much to set aside for routine repairs that are certain to crop up.

HGTV's take?

Set aside 1 percent to 3 percent of your home's purchase price each year in a separate savings account specifically for home maintenance and repairs.

For many families, that's a significant chunk of change. The good news is that you can decrease your annual maintenance costs over time by being proactive early on in your home ownership. 

In fact, there's one simple step you can take to ensure that at the very least, your interior corners and edges are protected against incidental damage. By installing sets of our stainless steel corner guards, you'll no longer need to worry about scratches, scrapes, or gouges that are the natural result of maintaining a well-lived-in and well-loved home.

Remember that here at Boss Corner Guards, we carry guards in various styles, sizes, and thicknesses. If you'd like to hear more about which type of guard might be right for you, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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