Stainless Steel Corner Guards Offer Drywall Protection for Gyms

by Boss Steel on June 02, 2017

Gym walls are notorious for suffering damage. Whether it is the unintended soccer kick that hits the corner just right or the floor-cleaning machine that takes the corner too tightly, drywall needs protection. Stainless steel corner guards make this protection possible.

They Look Professional and Get the Job Done

Do not let the brushed look of 16-gauge stainless steel fool you. A ten-pack of 96-inch products offers flat or wall grip edges. Because more and more gyms now present finished walls and corners, their frequent repairs get costly. Nip these expenses in the bud with the use of heavy-duty protection that suits any décor without looking out of place.

If your gym also has pillars and similar features, remember to factor in these corners when calculating the number of needed guards. Of course, 16-gauge is not your only option. Other choices include 18, 20, and 22 gauge products.

Not Just for Commercial Gyms but Apartment Building Fitness Centers, Too

Whether you run a dojo where sparring, kicks, and punching bag hits can damage walls, or you specialize in managing an indoor sports arena that sees plenty of indoor soccer and hockey games, protecting the walls is a must. For fitness centers inside an apartment building or condominium setup, drywall protection is just as crucial.

Residents want areas to look pristine. But because these fitness areas see so much use without the benefit of professional spotters or trainers, accidents are bound to happen. Corner guards prevent costly damage that might otherwise call for repeated repairs.