Stainless Steel Corner Guards Stay Stronger For Longer

by Boss Steel on January 03, 2020

Corner guards are relatively simple devices, with a straightforward purpose; protect your corners. Whether it's from accidental spills and crashes, or just from years of constant incidental contact, the corners are the most vulnerable parts of a structure, and thus need to be protected. While there are a wide variety of materials to choose from when it comes to installing corner guards, one of the most reliable ones on the market is stainless steel.

Enduring Strength

Steel, as a material, is already a strong contender for one of the best corner guards. Resistant to impact and difficult to damage, these guards can make sure that your building's corners are kept safe from anything short of deliberate destruction. And in many cases even if the guard itself is twisted and damaged, it will still be able to save the corner underneath, allowing a new guard to be quickly installed with no actual harm done.

However, while regular steel may be able to resist blunt force, it's often done in by more insidious, environmental factors. Moisture is one of the major factors, allowing rust to take hole and slowly cripple the steel's strength. If it goes on long enough, then the corner guards that were stout shields are about as tough as rice paper. Worse, the rust could be doing damage to the corner beneath the guard as well.

This is why so many business opt for stainless steel corner guards instead. These guards have all the strength of steel, but their unique composition means they won't be broken down by environmental factors over time. So rain or shine, hot or cold, they can last year in and year out while providing the same protection.

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