Stainless Steel Corner Protection: Fact or Fiction?

by Boss Steel on October 05, 2015

With all of the rumors floating around about the extent to which stainless steel corner protection can benefit your home and business, we thought that now would be a good time to separate fact from fiction.

Stainless Steel Corner Guards protect corners from cracks and chips.

This is a fact. No matter the wear and tear your building may face, corner guards will be there to ensure that no permanent damage comes to your corners and edges. Whether it be scrapes from fork-lifts, shopping carts, exercise equipment, art installations, or just the wear and tear of having children in the house, corner guards are your best bet to keep your corners pristine. 

Stainless Steel Corner Guards will cut down on costs.

This is a fact. Because they prevent damage, corner guards are a wise investment in your fiscal future, guaranteeing lower routine maintenance costs down the road. 

Stainless Steel Corner Guards are helpful, but unsightly.

This is fiction. With many options available in various styles and thicknesses, we're certain to have a style that will best complement the look of your rooms.   From elegant brushed stainless, to chrome-like aluminum checker plate, there is a finish for every aesthetic.

Stainless Steel Corner Guards will protect your building from the apocalypse.

This is unproven, but only because we have not yet faced an apocalypse. 

While we can't ensure that our product will offer much protection against zombies hordes, nuclear blasts, or dystopian overlords, we can promise that any damage they might inflict to the corners of your walls will be minimal. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information on the options available.  We look forward to serving you.