Stand the Test of Time with Drywall Protection

by Boss Steel on April 07, 2017

Our world boasts some truly ancient structures. Among them are some well-known ones, such as the UK's Windsor Castle and Dover Castle, and others are a bit more off the beaten track. Take, for example, Arg-e Bam, a stunning desert fortress that has defied the odds to stand the test of time.

Situated in Bam, Iran, the bam citadel is the world’s largest adobe structure. It was built around 500BC and remained in use up until 1850AD. No one is completely sure why it was abandoned (Visual News).

It certainly was not abandoned because it had fallen into disrepair. Current photos display a remarkably well-preserved structure.

When looking at photos of ancient castles and fortresses, one many wonder why we do not build like that any more. Of course, stone structures take longer to assemble and cost more than most of our current building techniques. Modern buildings lend themselves more easily to conveniences such as electricity, air conditioning, lighting, and plumbing as well.

A definite downside to modern buildings would be their lack of durability. It's hard to imagine a modern home or office tower lasting for a millennia without serious thought toward upkeep.

One step you can take to invest in your building is to install drywall protection, especially along your corners and edges. Those vulnerable spots are the first to show wear and tear; and as such, they should be guarded.

We know just the thing.

Here at Boss Corner Guards, we are proud to offer a line of guards in various sizes, styles, and thicknesses. If you are interested in hearing more about how to help your structure stand the test of time, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.