The Purpose and Applications of Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on February 07, 2020

Constructing and maintaining a safe building may be costly and time-consuming. One of the main components of a safe building is strong and well-protected corner walls. Many of the commonly used materials can be damaged by the vertices of heavy equipment or machines.

However, experience has shown that corner guards can protect the corner walls of commercial and residential buildings. Corner guards can also protect equipment and even furniture. Additionally, corner guards are more cost effective in the long run. Using corner guards will reduce or eliminate time-consuming repairs and renovations.


There are many ways you can utilize corner guards. Restaurants use corner guards in places that are often used by clients and staff. In medical establishments, corner guards are used to protect rooms with large and sensitive equipment. 

Storage and loading centers fortify their loading docks and garages with corner guards to prevent the damage of goods. You are encouraged to use corner guards in areas that are susceptible to scratch and extensive damage.


When moving heavy objects or equipment, you may bump into walls or corners. The bump may be more severe if the object is large enough to obstruct your vision. Initially, the corner scratches may seem minor and negligible. However, these scratches will expand and become extensive dents. 

The perfect solution is to add corner guards to your walls. Carefully designed and installed corner guards can protect your walls from lasting damage and provide progressive protection. They are effective in reducing discoloration, unpleasant streaks, wear and tear. Many corner guard types are crack-proof and are known to increase the aesthetic value of a wall.

Industrial facilities often use heavy duty corner guards in their buildings.Stainless steel corner guards are popularly used in medical facilities and homes. Stainless is often perceived to be modern and stylish.