The Toughest Protection Your Facilities Need: Steel Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on August 03, 2018

Do you operate carts or pallet jacks or forklifts around your facilities? Do you want to save money on building maintenance?

Or perhaps, do you require sanitary conditions on your premises, such as kitchens, hospitals, and labs?

Or do you just like the low-maintenance satin metallic look?  

You need stainless steel corner guards. 

Save Money on Maintenance

Your pallet jacks can be moving several thousand pounds of stuff. Just imagine that smacking into a corner, even at walking pace. Now imagine that happening multiple times a day, day after day. That's why you need stainless steel corner guards: so you don't have to think about it. 

These stainless steel corner guards are made of solid thick rolled stainless steel.  They will save your building from a beating.  Place them on every interior corner you expect traffic of all sorts such as laundry carts, luggage carts, wheeled racks, shopping carts, pallet jacks, forklifts...   

Locations such as factory floor, warehouse, parking garage, loading dock, facility laundry area, and much more all need the heavy duty protection. 

Imagine all the money you can save from not needing to repair drywall for dents, scrapes, and more. Or even have to repaint the area. 

Bonus labor savings: put these OVER existing damages so you don't have to repaint them. 

Sanitary Conditions

Ever wonder why kitchens, laboratories, dining room, or cafeterias tend to have stainless steel corner protectors? Because they are sanitary. Stainless steel is non-porous, and as long as they are glued onto the wall properly and thus have no holes to attract dirt and bacteria, they are also extremely easy to clean and sanitize. Just spray with disinfectant, wipe, and you're pretty much done. 

Just For Looks

Satin finished stainless steel corner guards disguise blemishes and fingerprints. If you already have appliances in a satin finish, such as industrial refrigerators and oven ranges and such, then corner guards should fit right into your decor. Modern interiors often can use such looks as well. 

In Conclusion

Stainless steel corner guards are great for high-traffic areas with potential for wall and column corner damage. The corner guards are also good choices for sanitary conditions and works as interior design components. If you need stainless steel corner guards for your place, give us a call at Boss Corner Guards so we can help you get the right pieces to suit your needs.