The Use of Corner Guards in Healthcare Facilities

by Kim Stewart on October 02, 2022

There are many movements and activities that take place in medical/healthcare, such as movement of equipment and patients in a wheelchair. During these movements, pieces of equipment, patients, and healthcare givers come into contact with the facility's walls and corners, leading to a possibility of damage. To ensure that the facility walls and corners are protected from chips and cracks, there is no better option than corner guards.

The use of durable and robust corner guards offers an excellent option for a medical/healthcare facility in ensuring that in case of an accident, there is no damage caused. Here are reasons why you should consider the use of guards in protecting medical/healthcare facilities.

Prevent Injuries

Each day, every medical facility receives various unstable patients while walking; you not only want to protect the corners of the facility wall from damage, but also the patients from the wall corners.

Protect the facility

It is essential to have strong corner guards for any industrial facility. Healthy facilities often receive large boxes of orders, heavy machines, trucks, and other equipment, which makes the walls prone to damage. To ensure that you are free of frequent damage, corner guards are the best solution.

Great for Wheelchair Areas

Wheelchairs are constantly in use in a health facility, and with wall corners, they don't mix well together. For better protection of your patients using wheelchairs and at the same time protect the walls of the facility, corner guards will offer the needed protection.

Low Maintenance

One thing that will make your facility stand out from others is the low maintenance cost of your walls. Even if the corner walls get stained, cleaners can easily get rid of the greasy stains quickly and effectively. When it comes to replacing, corner guards are easier to handle and install.

Worried about how to keep corner guards clean? Do not worry; using stainless steel, your guards will remain clean and disinfected. Cleaning with stainless steel will also protect against splattered and spilled food acids and fats. For more information on the installation, please get in touch with us.