Three Alternate Uses for Your Stainless Steel Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on January 20, 2016

Everyone knows that the top benefit of obtaining stainless steel corner guards is that once installed, they protect the corners of your building from scratches, dents, scrapes, and other varieties of wear and tear, and ultimately saving a great deal of money.

But did you know that corner guards also have alternate uses?

Three Alternate Uses for Your Stainless Steel Corner Guards:

Use One: Melt them down and make your own Apple accessories. Ever since Apple released the stainless steel watch, people have been marketing accessories to complement it. Why not ride the wave and benefit from the trend?

Use Two: Create your own backyard abstract art installation. Who cares that you know nothing about art? That's the beauty of calling it abstract art: that way it doesn't have to make sense. So grab some corner guards, some welding equipment, and go to it!

Use Three: Consider decorative installations. What would look better with your new stainless steel countertops than some stainless steel accents around the edges of the kitchen? Of course, domestic use of corner guards isn't exactly an alternate use, since the guards will be protecting the corners of your kitchen even while serving as lovely accent pieces, but we're sure you won't mind the extra benefit. 

We realize now that we've typed these three alternate uses out that the first two really aren't very practical. Besides, once you melted down your guards for jewelry or art, what would you use to keep your corners safe? In the end, it's probably wisest to use your Boss Corner Guards for what they were intended: to keep your corners safe in style. With several different sizes, styles, and thicknesses available, we have a stainless steel guard for every corner. Be sure to contact us to hear more about our current deals.