Three Reasons that Schools Should Install Stainless Steel Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on December 30, 2015

When we talk of stainless steel corner guards, it isn't hard to convince owners of industrial centers that purchasing a few sets will make for a good investment. After all, with all that heavy machinery moving around, something's bound to get scratched at some point. Many people don't realize, however, that not all our customers own factories and warehouses. 

The truth is that corner guards really are for everyone. Homes, small businesses, and even schools could benefit from installing corner guards. 

Three Reasons that Schools Should Install Stainless Steel Corner Guards

Reason One: Kids are a mess. 

We don't want to fall into the cliche of bashing today's youth. To be honest, we're not necessarily even talking about the youth of today. Kids in general aren't know for being careful. For proof of this, you need look no further than your own children. If you don't have children, take a few minutes to consider this collection of Kid Fails. (Even if you do have kids, you may want to take a look. They're hilarious.)

Reason Two: Hallways are packed.

If there's one thing we learned from our research, it's that most school hallways are crowded. According to WNYC, the hallways in some schools are so packed that students struggle to reach class on time. These aren't exactly perfect conditions for keeping walls and corners scuff-free. 

Reason Three: Janitors will love you.

Corner guards require only light maintenance. With very little effort, they can be kept clean and shining. The janitors working in schools with corner guards installed will no doubt find their work much more satisfying. Over two million Americans are currently employed as janitors: that's a lot of people who could be made happy in one fell swoop.

If you're looking for a way to protect corners against hordes of youths in crowded hallways (while simultaneously making your school janitor very happy indeed), don't hesitate to contact us