Top 5 Reasons to Use Stainless Steel Corner Guards in Your Facilities

by Boss Steel on March 06, 2020

Many people tend to concentrate on making their building cost-efficient and safe while overlooking the protection of corner walls. Strong and durable stainless steel corner guards are the best option when you want to protect your walls from any damage. You can easily avoid costly and time consuming renovation by installing corner guards. Here are a few benefits of stainless steel corner guards.

1. Protect Vulnerable Corners

Hygienic facilities require their corners to be protected. These corners are vulnerable and can easily be cranked. Stainless steel corner guards assist in protecting this kind of damage from happening to your corner walls since they are durable and cannot be subjected to damage easily.

2. Easy to Install

Technological advancements have made it easy to install stainless steel corner guards. They do not require any drill or nail, a strong adhesive will help stick the corner guards onto the walls. Quality guards can be quickly mounted. Hence, making the installation process to be quick and easy.

3. Prevent Wallpaper From Peeling Off

Stainless steel corner guards prevent wallpapers from peeling at the corners by covering the corners. When planning for renovations, install stainless steel corner guards to every corner with a wallpaper. This keeps the wallpaper from tearing for a longer period.

4. Availability of Custom Made Variations

Safety requirements used for protection vary depending on where the corner guards are being installed. These variations help in ensuring the best protection is available.

5. Long-Lasting Life

The fact that the material used to make the corner guards is stainless steel, simply means that they have a long life span. They are the best investment you can do to your building to make it durable.

Individuals who require heavy-duty protection for the corners walls in their buildings, can contact us for more information.